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Most often it is difficult for a homeowner to find the exact reason for water seepage. You may not see any visible cracks in your foundation or water built up in your basement, but there are several ways water could be penetrating your home. Having a window well installed would help you in keeping the water away from your foundation.

What Is a Window Well?

A window well is a structure that is placed outside the basement or below grade windows so that light can enter while keeping water and soil away from the walls and windows. The main purpose of this well is to keep your basement clean and moisture free and it will collect and drain water when it rains or snows. Without proper window wells, water will be collecting against your foundation and seeping into your home. It may not be visible to you until the water threshold reaches a certain value. That is why it is important to have an expert examine the site and determine where to install window wells.

Also, if the drain is clogged, or the window well is damaged or not installed properly, then water may stay in the well and will eventually leak through the walls, window frames or even windows. This will make your basement wet and leaky. Window wells are extremely useful if your windows are located below grade as they keep your basement and foundation dry and free from infiltration.

Aquatech Hamilton is a company of experts in window well installation in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area. If you are having leaky windows or wet basement allow us to help you.

Our specialists will assess your water damage and will decide if window wells will help you in protecting your home from future leakages.

We have more than 25 years of industry experience and satisfy all of the customers. We treat all of our customers as individuals and all of our work is fully guaranteed.

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Benefits Of Installing a Window Well in Hamilton

There are several things that you need to consider while getting your window wells installed. If you have a high level of soil against your foundation, then a window well can protect your basement against water seepage.

Window wells protect your window frames from damage. When water builds up on your window frames, your frames get rusted and lose their ability to insulate your home. The constant standing water begins to penetrate through your windows and eventually leaks through your walls into your home.

No doubt it is important to seal your windows, but window wells help a lot in giving extra protection particularly when it rains or snows. Window wells are also great for yards with uneven soil distribution.

They can be extremely useful for homes where the plumbing upgrades are old and are not well equipped to handle the extra water that comes with the rainy or snowy seasons. Another big advantage of window wells is that they keep your foundation and basement dry and moisture-free. They add natural light and aesthetic appeal and help in the circulation of natural air making your basement unit airy and beautiful.

The main thing is to improve the drainage, so if you do not hire proper experts your situation might become worse. Our professionals will find the appropriate place where they will place the window well against the window. We will dig a hole and place the window well right next to the foundation.

Then we will do drilling to secure the window well in the correct place. We will then fill the bottom with gravel and fill the extra spaces around the window well with soil so that it stays in its place even in the worst of seasons.

Window Well Repairs

If you have previously installed window wells but the water is leaking because of an issue with your window well, our experts can do a quick examination and determine the cause for a water leak.

Conventional Window Well Precautions

During the wet season, we face a lot of ordinary problems related to our drainage system, and few things should be kept in mind while window well installation Toronto

Clean Out Debris and Leaves

Most often existing window wells may not be working properly because they are clogged with debris. It would be useful to first clear the debris but if the problem is severe you might need professional help. We will help you in restoring your existing window wells to their full capacity.

Install New Drainage

If your existing window well is not working properly, chances are that there are issues with your drainage. We can install a new window well drainage that connects to weeping tiles and water channels. In some cases, a basement sump pump may help in further drainage of unwanted water away from your foundation.

Install a New Window Well

It could be that due to shoddy workmanship that you don’t have your window well in the correct place. In this case, our experts will examine your existing window wells and suggest how best to rectify this problem. You may also need new window wells if you are having new windows especially in the case of basement renovations.

Our Window well experts at Aquatech Hamilton can help you in determining the most optimal spots for window wells. Aquatech Hamilton warrants it’s work material and labour for 25 years, so if you ever have a problem we are always here to help out. Call us today for a free window well installation, to schedule an appointment and to learn more about the benefits of window wells.