If your property needs some type of waterproofing and you are unsure whether to call a professional or an amateur waterproofing contractor, you need to be aware that professional contractors are very expensive.

A Professional Contractor Will Save You Time And Money

Professional contractors can charge by the hour, per day or by the project, per-project basis. You may want to call an amateur contractor to save money on your project, but if the project is complicated and requires high-level skills, you will need a lot more skill and cost to finish the project.

Professional waterproofing contractors are able to assess your property and find a solution to your problem. Some repairs can also include the installation of a new drainage system.

Hire A Local Waterproofing Company

Family-Owned, Basement Waterproofing Hamilton specializes in fixing leaks on basement walls all kinds. The highest quality methods and products are used to make sure we finish your problem permanently. Whether it’s an internal or external leak, we have what you need to finish the job properly. Whether it’s an internal drain system or external, whether it’s a crack repair or flood damage repair, our team of specialists knows exactly how to make everything right again.

A Professional Contractor Can Help With Insurance

If your property has a history of flooding, a good Hamilton waterproofing contractor can work with the homeowner’s insurance policy to provide coverage for the costs involved with a flood cleanup. Professional contractors can work with the homeowner to find a reasonable payment arrangement that works within the budget of the homeowner.

Water sealeant being applied to crack on basement wall

A Hamilton waterproofing contractor can also work to find a payment arrangement that allows the homeowner’s insurance policy to pay the cost of the property’s waterproofing. Sometimes, the homeowner’s insurance policy will pay all of the cost of waterproofing in advance. Other times, homeowners must pay only a percentage of the cost of waterproofing and the rest of the cost of the project is covered by the insurance company. In these cases, the homeowner will need to pay a small portion of the total cost, perhaps a few hundred dollars or less.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Most homeowners who are responsible for their home’s foundation do not have homeowner’s insurance. If the house is older, some older homes may not have foundation walls that are designed to stand up to being exposed to flooding. If this is the case, the home’s insurance will cover the cost of a waterproofing contractor to fix the water leak.

Sometimes, the homeowner’s insurance policy may cover a portion of the cost of a property’s waterproofing. Many times, when a building’s age is a factor in the cost of a waterproofing contractor’s work, the homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the cost of the entire project. Even in these cases, if the homeowner’s insurance does not pay for the entire project, the homeowner will be responsible for paying part of the project and will receive a set amount of money when the project is complete to go towards their repairs.

Ask Waterproofing Contractor What Material Can Be Used

If a homeowner has an existing home that is still being renovated, they can still decide to have a waterproofing contractor to come in and fix any water leaks on their existing home, whether it is a new home or an older home.

Shovel pushing poured concrete into basement floor grooves

The homeowner may choose to pay the contractor only for the parts of the job that will be done on their home, but they may also agree to allow the contractors to use parts of their home and use their existing foundation for parts of the job that will be done on their home.

Older Homes Usually Require Licensed Contractors

Homes that are older can often have many problems that cannot be fixed without the help of a licensed professional. The homeowner can find out what problems the home already has and then have the waterproofing contractor add an additional layer of protection to the home, adding another layer of waterproofing.

Older homes can have other problems as well. Before deciding to have a waterproofing contractor to come in and help solve the home’s problems, it is important to consider all of the pros and cons associated with having a home that needs to be waterproofed and take steps to avoid having to spend more money on the job.

If you’re looking for the best solution to waterproof your basement, we offer a free waterproofing estimate to ensure your home has the best-suited system. Contact Basement Waterproofing Hamilton today.