Even though your house foundation is constructed with good quality concrete masonry, it can still get deformed. You cannot blame the foundation material for this cause, as this can happen due to several factors. Basements and crawl spaces can be traced with foundation damage signs and cracks. This can be a problematic situation and needs to be checked so that you can fix it as soon as possible. Lack of this can cause us to spend many dollars and time as the complexity grows. Sometimes, the cracks do not get detected and start widening up. It is suggested to have some maintenance done in advance to help yourself from future headaches. 

A building depends on its foundation. If the foundation has some deforming issues and cracks, there are chances that it might collapse. Repairing these cracks can be very expensive. As a homeowner, you can get worried after witnessing foundation cracks. Either you live in your home for 25 years or 5 years, cracks can be very stressful for you to see. You would want to fill these cracks on your own. But it can be a dangerous thing to apply any DIY solution for instant fixing. You must consult a professional team of plumbers for the best permanent solution. 

foundation cracks repair

foundation cracks repair

Basement foundation cracks 

You will observe different types of cracks in your leaky basement Hamilton walls if the foundation structure starts deforming. There can be thin-sized cracks or wide cracks that can extend up to deeper levels.

Hairline cracks 

You can witness hairline cracks in the walls finished with freshly applied concrete. These cracks are tiny in size, as apparent from the name. The hairline cracks can range from 0.003 inches in width. It can mainly occur due to fluctuation in air temperature, humidity level, and wind velocity on the surface. Poor work quality and sedimentation are other common reasons which can fuel hairline cracks in the walls. 

Although these cracks are super thin in size, that does not mean that it has to be overlooked. These foundation cracks can widen, which can then lead to water seepage. Fixing these can help you save from future costs. 

Wall shrinkage foundation cracks

V-shaped cracks generally appear on the poured foundation, which has a consistent width. The shrinkage cracks commonly occur under the windows of the basements, near the doors, and in step-down areas. These are vertical on the foundation wall, with a meander structure rather than a straight line, and are not continuous. It can be a source of water seepage as it can extend deep inside the foundation wall. These foundation cracks occur due to humidity levels, water levels, and sun exposure on the surface.

You can quickly repair the shrinkage cracks with the help of a professional team at an affordable cost.

Concrete basement wall has water coming out of cracks, with arrows showing problem areas

Stair Step cracks in your foundation

These types of cracks are most common among foundation cracks. It might be a problematic issue if there is a stair-step crack in your wet basement foundation Hamilton. You can observe it in the corners of the walls, which indicates hydrostatic pressure pushed on the wall by the presence of saturated soil. An inward bowing follows the wall with these cracks.

Immediate action needs to be taken if encountered with such cracks in your wet basement Hamilton foundation.

Horizontal and Vertical cracks 

These foundation cracks are, nonetheless, a significant concern that should be instantly taken care of. Many factors cause the occurrence of horizontal and vertical cracks in your basement foundation. Frost issues, expansion and contraction of materials, and shrinkage of concrete are some of them. In addition, this foundation damage can cause water seepage problems as they get more comprehensive with time. Therefore, urgent attention is required to fix the cracks with the help of experts.

Contact the experts if you have cracks in the foundation

You need to give immediate consideration and repair cracked basement foundation. It is essential to have a solid foundation for the longevity of the building. Therefore, you must contact professionals who can help you with guaranteed permanent solutions. Aquatech Foundation repair Hamilton will help you to assess the foundation damage fully. We are an expert team having over 25 years of experience in this field. Our professional plumbers will deeply check the cracks and take necessary precautions to amend them. We understand the necessity of a strong basement foundation, and that is why our trained plumbers are dedicated to providing you with the best foundation crack repairs option that is both effective as well as affordable.