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You may need basement leak repair to keep your basement secured not only internally but externally as well. Though the internal problems are much more visible than the external ones, the exterior basement waterproofing requires much greater attention. This is because the outer part has a larger effect on the whole structure of your basement foundations. It can include the internal damages which are leading to water leakage and other problems along. That is why it is important to consult a professional exterior waterproofing Toronto company to get to the roots of all the problems inside the basement. 

Aquatech basement waterproofing company is an experienced team of specialists contractors who are always ready to serve you with guaranteed solutions. We understand your concern with the wet basement repair, and that is why we offer the best reliable exterior basement waterproofing services for all your concerns.

Why choose Aquatech basement waterproofing Toronto?


Why does a leaky basement happen?

At Aquatech basement leak repair experts, we analyze your total basement area and detect all the leaks. We know how to fix them to prevent further damage in the future. As the basements are at the lowest position in the house, i.e. below ground level, its leaking is not surprising. Exterior conditions have a significant role. The state of the basement foundation plays a vital role in keeping the basement in good condition, and even after that foundation can admit water through seepage and leaks. The concrete blocks absorb and release moisture, and these characteristics signify water seepage in the basement. The wet weather comes with a lot of extra pressure on the basement foundation. Due to hydrostatic pressure, water leaks into gaps and cracks by finding the weaknesses in the basement foundation. These gaps exist in most leaky basement areas because of the masonry floor and walls built separately.

How to Identify a Leaky Basement?

Many signs reflect the leaky basement repair as it doesn’t always mean an unforeseen pool of water. If you ignore minor wet basement damage caused by moisture or water, it escalates. Some signs are;

Why need to Resolve Now?

If you are still in the state of confusion for your basement leak repair after viewing your leaks, then here are the significant reasons to resolve it as a Waterproofed Basement by Aquatech basement waterproofing services will:


Why "WE" give you the highest quality basement leak repair?

At Aquatech, our experts will install two sump pumps – pedestal pumps and submersible (underwater) pumps. The sump pump installation in Toronto is done depending on the setup of the basement of your home. We will put a pedestal pump over the sump pit to ease the maintenance. The underwater pump is sealed in a hole to avoid electronic problems in the wet basement due to damp areas. 

Some situations seem challenging to plan, but at Aquatech Basement Waterproofing solutions, we have seen it for many years, and that’s why we gave the best solutions. We take pride in being the best hands-in sump pump installation in Toronto and providing the best waterproofing installment. We’ve certified many models of sump pumps of different brands and models, but we only go with the best and most reliable, durable, and long-lasting pumps. Why fear when “WE” are here.