Wet Basement Repair Hamilton

Aquatech Hamilton knows that the best way to handle a wet basement repair to prevent problems occurring in your home. We provide installation services for interior and exterior basement waterproofing systems (sump pumps, drains, and barriers). We also offer you exterior basement waterproofing membranes to stop seepage at the source before it can become a severe problem for your home.

Service repairman repairing a the wet floor of a leaky basement

Hamilton Wet Basement Waterproofing Signs

  • You can see water pooling up next to your home
  • You find moisture leaking inside through the top of the foundation or basement windows
  • You can see that water is dripping down the walls in the basement
  • You find water damage and stains on basement walls
  • Whenever it rains low-lying areas of the lawn have water pooling
  • Hills sloped towards your home’s foundation have water running down them
Repair tools and devies looking for water leaks and blockages in basement walls

How To Identify Wet Basement Waterproofing Problems

If you are aware of any of the following, you have a wet basement Hamilton problem outside your home. This problem needs to be taken care of as soon as possible to stop any further damage.

How We Repair Your Wet Basement In Hamilton

Many things can cause wet basement waterproofing issues. There are several factors, and not all Hamilton leaky basement waterproofing issues can be solved using wet basement waterproofing methods. If this is the case, our skilled leaky basement waterproofing contractors may suggest that you have interior or exterior waterproofing in Hamilton performed on your home. Some of the more advanced basement waterproofing methods are only recommended in severe cases because excavation may be required to install them. We use exterior French drains, waterproofing membranes, and foundation drains to keep water out of basements from the outside.

Wet Basement Repair Service In Hamilton

Water draining improperly into the land surrounding your home or place of business can result in several frustrating problems. If you don’t take any action, water can seep into the structure’s foundation and cause a wet basement. The excessive pooling water may cause mould or worse, that includes water damage.

Water Drainage Problems Need Wet Basement Waterproofing Solutions

In several cases, water drainage problems are not that expensive or too complicated to fix. If you’re noticing a more significant amount of water than usual in your basement, contact Aquatech Hamilton for a free wet basement repair estimate and a detailed plan to solve your wet basement waterproofing issues for good.

Causes Of A Wet Basement And Leaky Basement Drainage Problems

Leaky basement drainage problems are not as evident as the forming of pools of water on your basement walls or floor. Encountering puddling of water near your foundation walls may also lead to musty odours in your basement. Water erosion of dirt and grass in your lawn can also be one of the causes of a wet basement in Hamilton.

Water sealeant being applied to crack on basement wall

You May Have A Wet Basement In Hamilton

Wet basement leaks are most often the result of the following circumstances.

  • The land is not sloped correctly around your home. The slope should move water away from the foundation.
  • Low-quality soil can break down when there is heavy rainfall or melting snow.
  • The land around your home slopes, causing puddling on your lawn.
  • If the gutters on your home require repair, causing puddling of water at your foundation.
  • The downspouts on your home should move water away from your foundation.

Hamilton Wet Basement Repair Service Options

It doesn’t matter what is causing your Hamilton wet basement. We suggest making sure to be proactive about finding a wet basement waterproofing solution. Ignoring a small problem now could very well result in costly wet basement repair for your foundation. It some extreme cases, it could lead to a completely flooded basement and frustrating water damage.

Sealant used to repair water leaks in the ground

Wet Basement Waterproofing Services Hamilton

We provide wet basement repair services in Hamilton for drainage problems:

  • Foundation crack repair
  • Bowing basement wall repair
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Basement underpinning
  • Wet basement repair
  • Leaky basement repair
  • Sump pump installation
  • Sump pump repair
  • Window well drains
  • French drains
  • Underground drainage to move moisture away from the foundation
  • And much more

Contact us to schedule a free waterproofing estimate from one of our wet basement waterproofing contractors in Hamilton. We offer no-obligation quotes and outstanding wet basement waterproofing services in Hamilton.

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We had some issues with moisture in our basement as we back on to the Bruce trail hillside. I contacted Aquatech and within a couple days, Shawn came out and assessed the issue, made recommendations and supplied a quotation. This was all done quickly and very professionally. Their pricing was competitive with the other two quotes I received. I chose Aquatech because of Shawn and their excellent reviews. Shawn was a pleasure to deal with. If I had a question, he always picked up his phone and never rushed me. Slava led the 4-man crew that performed the work. He was also very professional and kept me in the loop with their progress each day. He also spent the time to explain the process as I have a habit of asking many questions. Slava and his team worked during four of the hottest days of the summer and never complained. They completed the work on time. I cannot believe how hard they worked. They even made a point of cleaning up the work site before they left. I would highly recommend them.
-Cam Shearer, Hamilton ★★★★★

Excellent service and quality of workmanship. I had a massive wrap-around deck that had to be removed in order to complete the work. The employees saved the joist and labelled each board allowing me to keep the order consistent. As a result I was able to save significant money on the rebuild only having to purchase decking boards. This consideration was unexpected and definitely appreciated. I would recommend this company with confidence to any of my friends or family.
-Private User, Hamilton ★★★★★

Oleg and Joseph did a really great job! They were clean, courteous, friendly and paid attention to detail. They answered any questions we had throughout the process. I'm happy with their services and recommend Aquatech Waterproofing to anyone.
-Karine, Mississauga ★★★★★

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